Frigate Shtandart at the Armada of Rouen


The Armada of Rouen is perhaps the most spectacular and longest maritime festival in France. It is held only once every 4 years, but this is not the only reason why everyone who loves the sea is looking forward to this event.

Each time dozens of tall ships and historical ships from all over the world gather at the Armada of Rouen. They sail 120 km along the Seine from the sea to Rouen, and then they stay open to visitors for 10 days! An excellent opportunity for the guests of the festival to explore so many different and interesting ships at the same time, and for our team - the great opportunity to show our frigate, talk with people about XVIII century ships and about the history of Peter the Great's Shtandart.

On the last day of the festival, together with other ships, we took part in the Armada Grand Parade. We sailed along the Seine back to the sea, and thousands of people greeted us from both sides of the river along the way.

Immediately after the parade, our next sea leg began.
We've accomplished a lot in a week:
we moored at Le Havre;
caught in a thunderstorm with a record amount of precipitation for us;
walked along the incredibly beautiful coast of Etretat;
crossed the English Channel (twice);
stood in the Bewley River in England;
anchored off the Isle of Wight;
celebrated 4 birthdays (including the birthday of the Captain);
swam in the open sea;
saw the white cliffs of Dover and the lightship;
come to the sea festival Escales à Calais!

P.S. There are still places on the Shtandart for most of the next stages -