Welcome to online meeting of ship's friends!


On November 26, 2022, on the sailing frigate Shtandart, we will broadcast an online meeting of ship's friends, as a fundraiser to support the Shtandart. 

 What will happen? 
Gatherings in the ship's messroom. Stories about the ship life from Captain Vladimir Martus. Beautiful songs from the leader of the dream-folk group "Nemnogo Nervno" Ekaterina Gopenko. 

 What can you do? 
Ask a question online. Interesting questions will be voiced and will receive detailed answers from the captain. 
Say hello to the ship and her crew. Look at your favorite ship and feel like on board. Support the project with donations. 

 Where will it be? 
The broadcast will be on Instagram (instagram.com/frigate_shtandart) and VK (vk.com/frigate_shtandart)

When it will be? 
November 26 at 19.00 CET, 21.00 msk. 

Why are we doing this? 
We are collecting donations to keep the ship alive. Everyone is aware that sailing ships are getting through difficult time. It will be possible to support the Shtandart with some funds. Maintenance, replacements of rigging and sails, fuel - that is what the ship needs right now. 

 Ekaterina Gopenko is a dream-folk singer, originally from Ukraine. Her songs are full of beauty and quiet joy. She is full of hope. That one day the broken world will become normal again. 

 “When I lost my home and became a refugee, the crew of the Shtandart frigate was the first to offer me help and a place to live. I spent 5 months with them and now the ship needs my help,” says Ekaterina Gopenko.

The Shtandart is an active sail training ship, built in 1999 by a team of enthusiasts led by Vladimir Martus. For more than 20 years, the ship has been sailing non-stop with the international crew.