Replica Frigate Shtandart

Shtandart is an exact replica of the warship built by Peter the Great in 1703 for defense of the newly founded Saint Petersburg.

The modern Shtandart was built by a team of enthusiasts in 1999, and has been sailing almost continuously ever since, working as a living museum and a sail-training vessel. 

Onboard Shtandart, everyone can join the atmosphere  of 18th century square-rigger or man-of-war.
Are you ready for a new adventure? You can become sailor, for one or for several weeks, on a truly authentic ship, and under professional crew's guidance you will be bound for new exciting experience.

All on board have to take part in sailing activities as on a navy ship. However, we do not require any previous experience in sailing - permanent crew will share they knowledge from your first minutes on board.

Infographics. Frigate "Standart" in the figures. Results of 17 years of voyages