Rochefort (Charente-Maritime) — Brest

Startharbour: Rochefort (Charente-Maritime)
Boarding after: 08.07.2016 17:00
Departure: 08.07.2016 17:00
Port of destination: Brest
Arrival: 12.07.2016 13:00
Debarkation before:
Days on board: 4
The long stay in Rochefort is over. The crew misses something wicked the merry Westerly filling our sails, the summer ocean whispers in the surf’s soft voice: time to get underway! Thanks to the cozy town of Rochefort and meandering river of Charente for being such a hearty haven. 

We’re North-West bound now. Yet again we leave Fort Boyard behind and enter The Bay of Biscay. We say our goodbyes to Rochefort but not to France. This colorful shore you can still see from the crow’s nest or from the main yard while setting the sail. Or, if you’re agile enough, from the main topsail yard. Which is not far from the main-topgallant yard. Oh them baby-steps of sailor development. 

A summer leg is a great opportunity to learn some seamanship. Three days at sea is not a lot, but more than just a little bit. Don’t miss that chance to get some hands on rigging experience, or maybe you’d like to be a navigator and figure out the charts? Maybe a cannoneer? It is all there for you aboard the Shtandart.

We approach Brest from The Celtic Sea. And then… And then we fire a salute with all our cannons and hit the party. As one of the Russian classics said “from the ship to a ballroom”. Except that we don’t have to disembark for that. That’s right, because we arrive to Brest just in time for the International Maritime Festival of 2016. The festival brings together more than a thousand of sailing vessels from thirty different countries. What a magnificent view! A true paradise for a tall ship aficionado. Accompanied by maritime-inspired music we plunge into history, where just like in 17th century, the tall ship sails are shining white in front of the Château de Brest. Here, among the brethren in spirit, our frigate will spend the next week adding her own beauty to the gorgeous celebration.