La Coruña — Lisbon (Cascais)

Startharbour: La Coruña
Boarding after: 20.02.2016 17:00
Departure: 20.02.2016 17:00
Port of destination: Lisbon (Cascais)
Arrival: 27.02.2016 13:00
Debarkation before:
Days on board: 7


490 €. 

From the movie screen right to the open seas. Shtandart's epic Medinter [Mediterranean Winter] continues with the cinema-tour under sail along the coast of Spain and Portugal. Mid-February, the ship will be boiling with “Camera, Action” again. Spanish indie movie. Right after the shooting is over, we are going to be making (and showing) our own special movie, where everything will be much more real. Stanislavski would be impressed. 



End of the World, a.k.a. Spanish Galicia, the westernmost point of Eurasia, after that – just Atlantic and great adventures. The town of A Coruña, sleepy and beautiful in its' genuine old simplicity. The longest promenade in the country, Aquarium Finisterrae, planetarium at The House of Sciences, The House of Humankind, Museum of Clocks. It's just a start, preface, opening titles. The real action starts aboard. 


Dramatis Personae

The Captain.
Watch Officers.
Legendary Boatswain Livy.

You got the role of the latter. You don't even have to take an audition or casting, we accept everybody, no experience or education required. We learn our roles (depending on our current watches) and lines (sailing terminology) at the spot. So life-like, that Stanislavski is happy and giving us an applause. Draw the curtain of sails. Camera, Action, Cast off your mooring lines!


The coast of A Coruña is left in the background. Long shot: the Mainmast watch looking at the sunset. Close up: the helmsman standing by the steering wheel, composed and serious.  As the night and day watches turn, the tension rises. Port stop at Spanish Vigo. Good fun ashore, town plunder, filler novel “Sailor Ashore”, morning formation and out to the sea again. 



Spain-Portugal border is left unnoticed. In the ocean the borders become washed out, blurry, easy to miss. Sunny and colorful Cascais (Lisbon suburb) rises on the horizon. Means, it is time for ending titles. If we had our 'drathers we would be making this movie forever, but chronometry is merciless, just like life. Nobody wants to be back the real world, therefore there's going to be a sequel some day and we wouldn't need to look for actors then. 


*You will need a Schengen visa for this leg, unless your country has a visa exemption agreement with the Schengen Area.

**Special conditions (possibly free participation) for cinematographers willing to shoot a short film aboard

***For atmosphere watch the following movies: 
«Dans La Ville Blanche », 1983, directed by Alain Tanner, 
«Lisbon Story», 1994, directed by Wim Wenders, 
«The Portuguese Nun», 2009, directed by Eugene Greene