Sandefjord — Stavanger

Startharbour: Sandefjord
Boarding after: 01.07.2015 12:00
Departure: 01.07.2015 18:00
Port of destination: Stavanger
Arrival: 09.07.2015 12:00
Debarkation before:
Days on board: 10

You have to be on board not later than 4 hours before the departure.

This leg includes two special training cources: RYA navigation and seamanship theory&practice training course and maritime photography course. The both cources are free for all participants of this voyage, no additional application is required.

Sandefjord is located in the very south of Norway about an hour away from Oslo. After passing between the rocks of the fjord bearing the same name we will enter the Strait of Skagerrak and hold a course for the west to the North Sea.

Earlier the Skagerrak and Kattegat straits were the only way to get in the Baltic Sea from the west. After the opening of the Kiel Canal only the largest sailing ships with the masts over 40 meters bypass the Jutland peninsula from the north and this is due to unstable weather conditions and a variety of wind directions in the straits.

Along our way there are small and cozy Norwegian towns of Stavern, Arendal and Ayresunn (Egersund). In Stavern we may one more time take part in a friendly battle with Norwegian sailing ships and historic coastal battery. Before we go in the North Sea there is probably a chance to visit a town Kristiansand. Then we will turn northwest and cover the remaining 100 miles to Stavanger crossing the waters witch are open to the west as far as America. Town of Stavanger is interesting on its own, besides, there is one of the main natural attractions in Norway – Preikestolen (Norw. Preikestolen), in English also called the Preacher's Pulpit, just down the road. This is a giant cliff rising 604 meters above Lysefjorden.