Le Havre — Calais (via UK)

Boarding in: Le Havre
Boarding on: 19.06.2023 10:00
Departure: 19.06.2023 18:00
Port of destination: Calais (via UK)
Arrival: 23.06.2023 16:00
Debarkation before: 24.06.2023 10:00
Days on board: 5
Participation fee: 595€

June 19 - boarding in Le Havre. 

This is a relatively short trip along the English Channel to the city of Calais. We will cross the English Channel several times, passing around Isle of Wight (weather permitting, of course). On June 23 we berth in Calais, where a small but cozy maritime festival takes place. 24th June – crew change day.