La Rochelle (Sea sailing and traditional lunch) — La Rochelle

Boarding in: La Rochelle (Sea sailing and traditional lunch)
Boarding on: 15.04.2023 12:00
Departure: 15.04.2023 12:30
Port of destination: La Rochelle
Arrival: 15.04.2023 16:00
Debarkation before: 15.04.2023 16:15
Days on board: 1
Participation fee: 60€

Sea sailing and traditional lunch on board

3 hours sailing for those who would like to find out about the incredible experience of life at sea on the  historical frigate. We will tell you about our ship, how 18th century tall ships were constructed and how they maneuver.

We are waiting for you on the ship by 11:45, where you will have a traditional lunch with borscht in our messroom.

Then we will give you a safety briefing and we'll go to sea, where we all together will be able to set and hoist the sails and brace the yards and you will stand at the helm, as sailors from the 18th century did!