Malaga — Monaco

Boarding in: Malaga
Boarding on: 03.10.2015 00:00
Departure: 03.10.2015 17:00
Port of destination: Monaco
Arrival: 17.10.2015 09:00
Debarkation before: 17.10.2015 00:00
Days on board: 14
Participation fee: 1100€

The royal cruise

Designated route: Malaga — Barcelona – Ibiza/secret island — Toulon — Monaco 
Discount by booking of 2 legs: 2d and 3d legs – 1390/1240 euro (- 25%) 
Discount by booking of 3 legs: 1st, 2d and 3d legs – 1680/1530 euro (- 40%) 

October is the month of umbrellas and depression, low overcast skies and cold stormy winds.  At home, that is: in Barcelona the sun is still shining and in the Mediterranean the winds are still pleasant. So come sail with us and shake off your autumn woes.


The third leg of our Mediterranean winter voyage offers a powerful remedy against a runny nose and melancholy. Spain, which is basking in the sun, remote sprawling islands and sweet France, they all will  help you to get rid of your depressions, just like magic.  This remedy has been tried and tested by many generations of noblemen, who, as men of taste, more than anyone were well acquainted with the true sense of anguish, style and elegance.

We’ll meet on board in Malaga and there we will put to sea without delay. So if you want to go sightseeing, for example to visit the famous Picasso museum, you’d better secure tickets a couple of days ahead of departure. The “Shtandart” will not wait, because ahead of us lies Barcelona, the touristic queen of Europe.


As a city of the arts, the birthplace of Dalí and Gaudí, and a retreat for men of talent and of vagabonds, Barcelona is overwhelming: because of the sea, its inspiration and because of the sangría. Most tourists arrive  there through the  purgatory of a dreary airport, but we’ll discover Catalonia through the other port, the real one, the one bristling with life.

It gets even better. From Catalonia we’ll set sail to France, and on the way we will certainly visit some island. It could be Ibiza in the blessed mellow season, or it could be a mysterious secret island – the wind and destiny will decide. Anyway we’ll avoid excessive prices, noisy discos and crowded restaurants. Our choice will be quiet lagoons with pleasant weather and a unique scenery. Traveling on the ship does have its particular advantages!


France – so many clichés, stereotypes and movie myths have to be debunked here! Not an easy task. We’ll start with it at Toulon, the second-largest seaport of the country. Toulon combines the laid-back atmosphere of Nice with the energy of Marseille, and has its own unique attractions: a historical district dating back to Louis XIV, and a large naval museum.


After a brief “plundering” of the city we'll quickly cast off the moorings and head for the realm of kings and oligarchs, to conclude our journey in a kingly fashion.  2015 is the “year of friendship with Russia” in Monaco, and this will be celebrated the regal way. The “Shtandart” will participate in a worthy “changing of the guard” there and relieve both the Sedov and the Kruzenshtern, which will  have arrived in Monaco before us.


Music, wine, new friends and a magnificent apotheosis of this royal cruise, they are all guaranteed. But we cannot guarantee a quiet life after that. According to statistics, almost everyone, who has come to the  “Shtandart” once, returns with friends. Thus Neptune's pyramid grows. 

Do you want to come and sail with us too?