Lisbon — Malaga

Boarding in: Lisbon
Boarding on: 24.09.2015 00:00
Departure: 24.09.2015 17:00
Port of destination: Malaga
Arrival: 03.10.2015 09:00
Debarkation before: 03.10.2015 00:00
Days on board: 9
Participation fee: 750€

Pillars of Hercules

Designated route: Lisbon — Sesimbra — Portimão — Strait of Gibraltar — Marbella — Malaga 

Discount by booking of 2 legs: «From Port to Porto» and «Pillars of Hercules» – 1275/1170 euro (- 25%) 

This is maybe the most comfortable leg of our Mediterranian winter voyage, suitable as the first sailing experience: a lot of beautiful harbours, short passages, the legendary Gibraltar midway and sunny Andalusia with fields full of grain at the finish.


We meet together at the Atlantic coast, in the westernmost european capital –  Lisbon. Meandering streets and stairways by sunset, ancient cathedrals and snow-white palaces – this is the real touristic dream. But how many dreamers could see this picturesque view from the ocean, while sailing a historical frigate?

On board we’ll learn on the fly the names of the ropes and sailing knots and get used to the watch keeping schedule. And then we’ll cast off mooring lines and start our Odyssey.


The first stop on the long way is the charming Sesimbra. A fishing village in the past, after construction of the bridge over the Tagus river Sesimbra began to grow quite rapidly. Now it is a satellite city of Lisbon and one of the biggest fish markets of the country. We’ll taste there the freshest fish straight off the ice and get ready to the next passage.


Ahead there is the legendary Gibraltar, also known as Pillars of Hercules, the front gate to Ecumene and to the Mediterranean. The waves would lash about us in this narrow strait – only 14 kilometers divide here Europe from Africa. Spain to the left, Morocco to the right, and our sailors on watch – in the middle.


After the Gibraltar passage we’ll drop anchor by the andalusian coast of Spain. Malaga, the hometown of Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas, will accord us a warm welcome: according to the statistics, there are 310 sunny days a year. That is the thing to prove!

We’ll certainly visit the Picasso museum and continue our cultural program in one of the local bars named after Banderas tasting flavorful spanish wine with tapas – spanish snacks. And if the ground starts swinging under our feet – that’s not because of the wine, but just a side-effect of sailing: after several days on deck you feel like rolling on the firm land.



But this is easy to cure: you just have to continue sailing with “Shtandart”, and our further route is attractive too. From Andalusia we’ll sail to Ibiza and to Côte d'Azur, finishing our voyage in the Principality of Monaco.

Decide fast: three legs by wholesale cost almost half-fare. And memories and impressions of such voyage are really invaluable.