Kristiansand — Aalborg

Boarding in: Kristiansand
Boarding on: 27.07.2015 12:00
Departure: 28.07.2015 12:00
Port of destination: Aalborg
Arrival: 01.08.2015 12:00
Debarkation before: 03.08.2015 12:00
Days on board: 8
Participation fee: 960€

You have to be on board 4 hours before the departure.

Then on a sunny afternoon 
Once in the Skagerrak I saw 
The home of Thor, the thunder god, 
Slipping away on the starboard beam.

Pete Crowther

There is a varied program including only the most necessary things: outport, port of call and sails between them. It all starts with a large (by Norwegian standards) and developed town of Kristiansand. A large zoo, museums, galleries and fish market – everything here is created for comfortable and interesting tourism of the present day. But then it is even greater - dipping in history, sharing something real. Feel like a sailor of the 18th century and gain skills working with sails as after the start of the race being the reason of gathering all these sailing ships the use of engines will be forbidden.

Our way will run through the Skagerrak Strait. This strait connects two seas, the North Sea and the Baltic sea, and separates Scandinavian Peninsula from Jutland Peninsula. Shores are far, sea floor is deep under the waters (up to 700 meters) and there is a distance of 200 nautical miles. A few days to keep the watch, mop the

deck, stand abaft the wheel and set sails. Only the waves and sea air, this is real romance.

The end of regatta will allow you according to a Russian proverb ‘to get from shipboard straight into a ball’. In addition to the celebration of the festival a Danish town of Aalborg has its own interesting features. Apart from museums and ancient churches of the 16th century there is a castle where you can visit the dungeons and donjon in order to complete the picture of your feelings and contrasts.